St Martin Airport & St Maarten Airport

St Maarten/St Martin

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Sunset at SXM

There are two airports on the island. The main, truly international airport is Princess Juliana SXM Airport. They actually bought as their website in 2012, making them look very much like they are part of the SXM-Info affiliated websites. They are not, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. SXM is the airline code and has been part of my system since the previous millennium, when steam-powered laptops were common.

The other airport is on the French side in Grand Case. It's called L'Esperance, but the runway, and the flights, are rather short. You can fly from Anguilla to L'Esperance making an international flight, but it is a mere five miles. The airline code is SFG.

St Maarten Airport

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